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  • NeoEpo Corporation is incorporated in the United States of America and is the parent company.

  • NeoEpo India Private Limited is the Indian subsidiary of the parent company.

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  • Why was NeoEpo Corporation started ?

    Our company's founder likes mathematics and programming. Related to this liking of the founder, he was earlier working on a statistical arbitrage hedge fund idea before starting this company. In the process of raising capital for his hedge fund, he met and had a conversation with a senior citizen, who was also from his alma mater, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras. During this conversation, he was suggested to work on something that helps society rather than just making money.

    The above suggestion to the founder got him thinking. He realized from his own experiences that helping others motivates an individual to overcome difficult situations and succeed. With this motivation, he decided to work on projects that make a positive impact on the society through his work. He further realized that the way to achieve this at a practical level was by starting a technology company.

    Following upon the above, the founder evaluated many different ideas, and came to the conclusion that small businesses fit the above criteria. It is so because small businesses contribute a major percentage of GDP of any country in the world. Also, they provide most of the employment in all countries, much greater than the big companies of the world. Further, after extensive business research, it was realized by the founder that they are facing a lot of problems that need to be solved. Therefore, NeoEpo Corporation was started, in order to help small businesses with technology enabled solutions that are highly scalable and repeatable.

    Why is the name of the company NeoEpo ?

    The founder of our company while searching for a name of the company wanted following criteria to be satisfied

  • Describes what the company does, which is trade.

  • Maximum of 6 latin characters are required to write the name.

  • Can be pronounced using maximum of 4 syllables.

  • Domain names can be purchased within reasonable price limits.

  • Availability of the domain name for different countries, as the vision for the company is global from the beginning.

  • Our company's founder found it quite difficult to find unregistered domain names that satisfied the above criteria. He used various methods to come up with possible domain names, like the following

  • Different ways of describing the business.

  • Using thesaurus to find alternatives of known words that describe the business.

  • Choosing two or three different words obtained from above procedure, and then slicing, dicing, and juxtaposing them, to form one word.

  • Random domain generator programs.

  • With the above procedure, he obtained a short list of domain names that were not unregistered yet. One among those shortlisted domain names was NeoEpo. It resonated with our founder because he interpreted it as 'Neo' for 'New', 'Epo' for 'Epoch' implying era, i.e new era for trade, which described his vision for our company well.

    Our founder then wanted to check whether it can be spelled easily. Therefore, he went to his mother and asked her how she would spell NeoEpo. She spelled it correctly. Therefore, he registered NeoEpo as the name of the corporation.

    What does the NeoEpo Corporation logo represent ?

    The general idea that NeoEpo Corporation's logo is conveying is that of a platform that provides information, ideas, insights, and connects people from different locations of the globe, in order to facilitate trade. Different details of the logo are as follows

  • The four quadrants of the logo encompassing the globe, represent the platform. The reason for having four quadrants is to convey four directions - north, south, west, east.

  • The sliver coming out of each quadrant of the logo represents that our company's strategies, execution, business models, and products, are going to be nimble and dynamic, in order to serve the changing business needs of our customers.

  • The arrows coming out of the slivers represent our company's vision of connecting people from different locations, providing information, ideas, and insights, in order to facilitate trade.

  • The gap between the four quadrants conveys that our company is going to be flexible and adapt according to the business needs of our customers.

  • The globe in the middle represents the vision that our company is going to serve customers from different countries of the world.

  • The lines on the global convey that we customize and localize our products and services, according to the language and culture of the country we are operating.

  • The red color in the logo represents our company's energy, passion, and positivity, in serving our customers, growing our business, and achieving our business objectives.

  • The blue color in our company's logo conveys that our customers and investors can expect calmness, strength, and reliability from us.

  • The green color in the logo conveys that we value sustainable growth that is in harmony with nature, evaluated using the parameters of Environment, Social responsibility, Corporate Governance (ESG).

  • How did you come up with the logo of NeoEpo Corporation ?

    The founder of our company realized very early, after the company was incorporated, that the company needs a logo that projected to the whole world what the company does and what it stands for. Therefore, he was ideating a lot of different images for the logo. He tried many different ways, like drawing it by hand, using photo editing software, looking up in different stock photo websites etc. Similar to the process of obtaining a name for the company, he tried slicing, dicing, and juxtaposing images that he obtained from different sources. But, none of those images resonated with the message that our founder wanted to convey about the company through the logo. This process was really frustrating to our founder. This is when he realized that he needs ideas from other people in order to compliment the ideas he had. Therefore, he was searching for a designer that he could hire for the company.

    During this time, an enthusiastic student from his alma mater, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, applied for a programming internship. Our company's founder initially conducted an interview for a programming assignment for this internship applicant. At the flag end of the interview process, the applicant was asked to describe the hobbies mentioned in his resume. The internship applicant mentioned that art and drawing come naturally to him and that they are god's gift to him. On probing further, our founder realized that this internship applicant had lot of natural talent in design, so hired him to do the logo.

    Our founder communicated to the intern the broad ideas that need to be conveyed by the logo of the company. The intern came up with initial sketches and our founder gave feedback on them. After many iterations, the final version of the logo was released. Our company's founder describes the whole process of creating the company's logo, starting from ideation to final release, as an exalting and rewarding experience.