Software development engineer

Software Engineer Jobs

  • NeoEpo Inc is founded by an I.I.T alumnus, who is a software development engineer and also a business person.

  • The business model of the company competes with top notch companies of the world.

  • In order to execute the business model and grow rapidly, we are looking to hire highly intelligent and self motivated software development engineer.

  • You have to be really interested in the work as mentioned in the respective software engineer job description, as the work is quite challenging and a long term project.

  • It is not a requirement that software development engineer knows everything described in software developer jobs. But, knowledge of a particular technology listed on the left is surely a plus.

  • The software development engineer should have high level of intelligence and motivation, in order to learn quickly, if the required material is provided. The interview process will test your ability to do so.

  • Both freshers and experienced developers with software engineer qualifications can apply for the software engineer jobs.

  • The software developer jobs are not for candidates who are job hoppers or for people who want huge monetary benefits in a short time frame. If you have any such intentions, please do not apply, as it will neither work out for you nor for the company.

  • In order to reward the software development engineer for long term performance and loyalty to the company, stock options of USA company will be provided, apart from monthly salary.

  • If the software development engineer performs very well, then he/she will also be promoted to higher managerial positions of the company.

  • All of our software developer jobs are based out of Mohali, Punjab, India.

  • If the above description of software engineer jobs excites you to consider working with us, please peruse through the descriptions of software developer jobs on the left and apply, accordingly.