Ruby on rails developer

Ruby on rails developer

  • Our platform is built on Ruby on Rails framework, so we are looking for ROR developer to join our team.

  • The company's website gives the first impression to the whole world, about the work we do. Therefore, the candidate should be passionate about being a Ruby on Rails developer, and also be meticulous with the assigned work.

  • The database that is used with our platform is MongoDB. Consequently, the job seeker needs to have good knowledge of using MongoDB standalone, and the intricacies of using it in conjunction with Ruby on Rails.

  • We take security very seriously, as information provided by our customers is extremely business sensitive data. Therefore, the ROR developer should be well versed with the latest security updates of ROR, MongoDB, and related servers.

  • Detailed knowledge of integrating different gems of ROR is required, as Ruby on Rails developer needs to use them extensively in developing the company's website further.

  • The ROR developer needs to have detailed knowledge of configuring Phusion Passenger server.

  • Tests are an important part of our software development methodology. Therefore, the ROR developer applicant should be well versed with writing ROR tests and related server tests.

  • In order for the website to be responsive and the website visitor has great user experience, we use Angular JS framework and other related technologies. Therefore, the job applicant should have knowledge in these technologies also.

  • The work methodology involves incremental progress with iterative procedure being followed. Therefore, the job requires that the developer is patient, persistent, and meticulous.

  • Linux (Ubuntu) is the OS we use. Therefore, the job applicant should have extensive experience using it.

  • The company's follows agile methodology with frequent production releases, so knowledge of version control software like Git, and related topics is needed.

  • Website development and SEO are coupled. Therefore, if ROR developer knows SEO concepts also, then it is very useful.

  • The job seeker is expected to have knowledge of related technologies to host a website like cloud hosting, SSL certificates etc.

  • You do not have to really know all of the above topics. But you should have worked on some of them earlier in order to determine whether Ruby on Rails development is what the job applicant is really interested in.

  • If you think that you are the right fit for the above described Ruby on Rails developer position, and have the passion to spend long hours working as a ROR developer, then please apply for it below.