Python developer jobs

Data mining jobs

  • The data mining job involves crawling the web, using tools like Nutch and other relevant software.

  • The work also involves lot of web scraping, using python and other related tools, taking care of different situations - scripts like javascripts or ajax are used in the website.

  • Big data analysis using tools, like Hadoop, is also part of this job.

  • We use MongoDB database for most of our data storage purposes. Therefore, it is a requirement that the data mining developer has good knowledge of using MongoDB standalone, and integrating it with other programs.

  • Apart from other MongoDB, the job also involves other big data databases, as required to solve the problems.

  • The data mining job also involves reading the documentation of third party API and then integrating the functionality in to the company's proprietary program.

  • The job also involves writing coding based on statistical concepts, so the data mining developer is expected to have good knowledge of statistics.

  • Another requirement of any candidate applying for this job is knowledge of version control software like Git, and related topics, as we use them extensively.

  • Ubuntu version of Linux is used within our company for all software development. Therefore, you are expected to be very familiar using it.

  • You do not have to know all of the topics mentioned above. But you should have been at least a python coder for some time to ascertain that you are really passionate about being a data mining developer.

  • If the above description of our data mining job opening interests you, then please apply for it below.