Digital content creator jobs

Digital content creator jobs

  • Good fluency in English.

  • Ability to write English articles without any grammatical mistakes, and within constraints - number of words, usage of particular words etc.

  • High level of intelligence to research about a new topic, and learn about it quickly to write an article.

  • Interest and inquisitiveness in following different events related to products and services of the company.

  • General ability to relate external information to the products and services of the company.

  • Given a topic, ability to ideate and/or do research to come up with initial set of words that are related to the topic.

  • Should be comfortable in general computer usage so as to learn relevanat software tools, which are provided by the company, in order to come up with a comprehensive list of relevant words, for a given topic.

  • Ability to consistently write good number of articles per working day, which are of high quality.

  • Article writing involves usage of particular combination of words to write articles about topics researched such that it is relevant to the products and services of the company.

  • Content, on researched topics, needs to be created in different formats - text, audio, and video.

  • Quick learner of relevant software - blogging tools, software for creation of audio and video contents.

  • Adapt at using social media platforms as the job will involve social media marketing also.

  • The job involves data entry.

  • Ubuntu Linux is the only OS used in the company. Therefore, you should know how to use it or have the ability to learn it quickly, with the initial guidance of the company's engineers.

  • All work related to the above description, for the betterment of the company.

  • The job is not for candidates who are job hoppers or for people who want huge monetary benefits in a short time frame. If you have any such intentions, please do not apply, as it will neither work out for you nor for the company.

  • If the above description of our Digital Content Creator job interests you, then please apply for it below.