Android developer jobs

Android developer jobs

  • The Android app developer job involves developing and maintaining Android OS apps for our company's services and products.

  • Android apps are developed by our company for various functionality and customer segments.

  • Job applicant should be well versed with different Android library usage, developing, testing, and releasing Android apps.

  • Maintenance of already developed Android apps with latest releases of Android libraries, is part of the job description.

  • Data that needs to be displayed through our Android apps is provided in JSON format, so knowledge of JSON is required.

  • We use MongoDB to store data, so knowledge of it is expected out of job applicant.

  • Knowledge of user experience and user interface techniques are expected out of the job applicant.

  • Ability to hypothesize different experiments for UI & UX, conduct those experiments.

  • Interpretation of experiments using statitical techniques is required skill.

  • Our customers speak different languages and have different cultures, so general curiosity to learn intricacies about them, is a plus.

  • It is required that the job applicant has some experience in developing and releasing some Android apps through Google Play.

  • Experience in developing Android apps that have been scalable is highly desired skill in job applicants.

  • Knowledge in related topics like iOS app development, HTML and CSS to make browser pages responsive, is a huge plus.

  • Another requirement of any candidate applying for this job is knowledge of version control software like Git, and related topics, as we use them extensively.

  • Ubuntu Linux is the only OS used in desktop computers of the company. Therefore, you should know how to use it or have the ability to learn it quickly, with the initial guidance of the company's engineers.

  • All work related to the above description, for the betterment of the company.

  • The job is not for candidates who are job hoppers or for people who want huge monetary benefits in a short time frame. If you have any such intentions, please do not apply, as it will neither work out for you nor for the company.

  • If the above description of our Android App Developer job interests you, then please apply for it below.